Daughter of the Nonomura, is very mysterious and serious but sometimes acts in an immature way. Normally tends to kill but only for defense and once in a while for personal reasons, does not show feelings and seem to have become aggressive in the lunar eclipses showing a cold smile and also her blue eyes change radically into red ones. She shows appreciation for Yami and she falling in love with him but does not accept their love because she has something to do and want Yami to have a happy life. It is considered a real lethal gun, she can destroy the universe and she didn't know anything about her past. She is a friendly girl but she does not believe in friendship because it never appear in her heart. Nyu does not get on well with Tea but she does not reach the point of wanting to kill her. She has a bracelet that shows her character, also she tends to dress like a boy and acts more like a man, do not trust people because she saw with her own eyes the slaughter of her family.

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